The Entertainment Experience

Amazing events don’t happen by accident. They happen when a director and performer set up every activity to have an intended impact. This is what moves an audience to laughter, tears and joy and leaves them touched and moved. The Entertainment Experience – Power To Create workshops provide the tactical means to implement staging, story, powerful transitions and a memorable performance into an event. Workshop attendees learn the methods to design an original work by collaborating with clients from a theatrical perspective to create a memorable experience for guests and clients that goes far beyond their expectations.

The MarBecca Method – MC

The MarBecca Method MC Workshops are an introduction to being a true Master of Ceremonies, including the definition, duties, and elements for proper execution of those duties. The workshops cover the basics of the physical, technical, and emotional aspects of of the job with a focus on vocal skills, staging, microphone technique, timing, transitions, function and motivation. The MarBecca Method is considered to be the gold standard for Master of Ceremonies education and instruction among DJ professionals worldwide.

The MarBecca Method – Love Story

“The Love Story” is a narrated feature that applies acting and storytelling skills to personalize your event in ways you’ve never imagined before. Mark and Rebecca Ferrell originated the Love Story concept & have been doing it since 1989. The Love Story workshops teach why & how it was intended to be used and delivered, from the people who are immeasurably qualified to teach it.

Make It Grand!

Workshop attendees work on multiple writing and performance exercises designed to help them create their own voice and delivery style as a Master of Ceremonies. Participants also learn techniques designed to help them “take their stage” as a confident Master of Ceremonies allowing them to direct and guide any event with precision and ease. Attendees learn how the use of proper staging and timing will dramatically improve their effectiveness, and finally, participants learn appropriate “roasting” techniques that are family friendly.

The 1% Solution

The 1% Solution by Randy Bartlett is designed and produced for Mobile Entertainers. The concept is simple-very small, easy to implement changes which will result in a vastly improved performance. The Level 1 Workshop concentrates on the welcoming announcement, teaching ideas and techniques that will allow the DJ to own the room, generating genuine excitement, enthusiasm, applause and cheers within seconds of turning on the microphone. Attendees leave this Workshop with the skills to overcome any obstacles they may encounter at an event.

Never. Stop. Learning.